University The University of Newcastle (UoN)
Subject GSBS6481: International Business Strategy

You have chosen a real-world scenario (in the seminar):

An existing company has recently expanded into a new international market OR expanded its operations in an existing international market.

You are tasked with a 3000-word report based on your industry and market assessment for this company’s move, which covers the following issues/questions:

1. Outline general aspects of the company (history, organizational structure, products) as well as its industry and market position at home. Draw on any relevant performance and market share data for the relevant years.

2. Assess the wider external environment in which the expansion occurred ( use one relevant theoretical framework such as PESTLE, CAGE, Porer’s Five Forces, Yip’s Globalisation Drivers or Porter’s National Diamond to aid in the assessment).

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3. Identify and evaluate the company’s international strategy and key resources (financial, human, knowledge, physical) utilized in this expansion. Use one relevant strategy model such as Bartlett and Ghoshal, Porter’s Coordination-Configuration, AAA, VRIO/VRIN, and Dunning’s OLI paradigm to aid in identifying the company’s strategy in this expansion

4. Identify key stakeholders who might be impacted by the company’s expansion and what ethical issues may arise

5. Assess whether or not the company was or will be successful in its move? (To do this, draw on multiple indicators of success, both in terms of internal company developments and external environment).

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