Formulate An Erp So That It Would Help You To Organise A Safe Evacuation Of The Occupants: Fire Safety Management Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Fire Safety Management

Report 1: 

Formulate an ERP so that it would help you to organise a safe evacuation of the occupants for a mixed development building consisting of :

  • 38 above ground levels and 3 basement
  • B1 is used as a retail space while B2 & B3 are used as
  • 1st to 5th storey are shops and 6th to 38th storey are
  • Assume it is 2 years old building
  • ERP = FEP + APP + IPP Plan
  • Building configuration is “Fictitious”
  • ERP should not be merely “fill in the blanks”
  • We need “substance” not “cosmetic”
  • Using format given is acceptable; however, merely filling in the blank will not get you any extra marks.
  • Must be detailed, comprehensive
  • Fire Escape Plans are compulsory (include your escape direction).
  • Indicate Assembly area on your site plan
  • Diagrams, photographs, sketches, floor layouts and schedules shall be provided to aid or reinforce your explanation wherever you deem appropriate. Marks will be awarded


  • You have to decide which evacuation model/guidelines to
  • To help you in this part of the project, read up notes on Emergency Response Plan and apply the knowledge gained from the lectures.
  • Action to be taken by each Fire Safety Committee member should be clearly indicated to facilitate part 2 of this course project.

Fire Escape Plan:

    • Have legible letterings/ symbols and fire escape routes (red colour) made clear to viewer.
    • Use PowerPoint to draw the
    • Show the layout of the floors in the correct Draw out the fire escape route serving every rooms/compartment for this project to all exits/ exit staircases.
    • Do label every exit staircase (i.e. ES 1, ES 2), Firefighting Lobby (FFL), Smoke-Stop Lobby (SSL).
    • Label shops/room with unit number (i.e. 01, 02, 03, …)
    • Shall include the location of the following:
      1. FCC
      2. Fire lifts
      3. Evacuation Lifts
      4. PWD Holding Points
      5. Hose reels
      6. Fire extinguishers
      7. Manual alarm call points
      8. Rising mains (for Wet or Dry risers)
    • Members should draw the assigned fire escape plan according to the above table: (e.g. an escape floor plan label as ‘L6~L38’, assume these floors have same layout)

Location Plan:

Site Plan:

    • Use only to indicate your site plan
    • Show AA1 & AA2 location and indicate your building height (metres)
    • Indicate the direct distance (metres) of the AAs from your
    • Indicate the travel paths from your building to the

EAA Site Plan

  • Use your own assumptions wherever necessary and when there is no information provided. You must make your assumption clear.
  • Materials that are not needed should not be
  • Plagiarism will cause a serious deduction in marks or immediate

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Report 2: Task 3 – Evacuation Process & Procedures

Describe in detail what you and your Fire Safety Committee need to do in chronological  order in the scenario below:

Scenario: Confirmed fire situation on the 20th floor and needing a FULL evacuation of the entire building.

This part is to test you on the evacuation process and procedure.

  • Detailed execution pointers for evacuation
  • Do provide Elevation Plan to aid in your description
  • Each row can only consist of one role unless a group of people of different roles are doing the same actions.
  • In chronological order
  • Include who is doing the action
  • Practicality, realistic and detailed
  • Addressed all problem

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Report 2: Task 4 – Training Individual: 20 Marks

Formulate a plan and describe in details how you are going to organise training to:

  • Teach your Fire Safety Committee on your Emergency Response Plan
  • Educate the tenants on fire safety awareness?

Please draw a training matrix/calendar to show what monthly fire safety activities you have in mind for the next calendar year from Jan to Dec. At least 1 activity per month.

The next few pages should be spent on elaborating the activities that you have highlighted in the training calendar.

  • Contribute 2 activities per member (Member A contribute to Idea 1 & 2, Member B contribute Idea 3 & 4 and so on as stated in the template).
  • No repetition of activities
  • Minimum 1 fire safety activity per month
  • Do NOT indicate Fire drill, TTX, Meeting and
  • Some activities can repeat more than once per year
  • Ideas
  • Arrangement
  • Appropriateness
  • Completeness in organizing the events
  • Following questions shall be answered: (Use the template provided)
    1. Name of activity
    2. Objectives
    3. Who are the target participants and number
    4. Location
    5. Duration & Frequency
    6. Details of the activities (Do provide Programme schedule with details)
    7. How to ensure good attendance/ participation rate
    8. How to know objectives are achieved

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