For the launch of Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter please prepare a clear positioning strategy: Marketing Essay, RMIT, Singapore




Subject: IMC Plan Recommendations for the Board


Message: The Board understands the importance of a clear message strategy for Boost Nuts and supports the continued use of the tagline “Experience goodness” reinforced through the implementation of the recent IMC Plan.

  1. For the launch of Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter please prepare a clear positioning strategy and key benefit claim. The Board is not familiar with these terms so please outline the importance of positioning and write a positioning statement for Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter; then explain what a key benefit claim is. Explain your answer.
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  2. For Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter launch, recommend if a hedonic or utilitarian appeal would be most appropriate. Explain these models so the Board can understand why you are making this recommendation.
  3. The Board is very conscious of stereotyping in advertising and is concerned about the portrayal of women in competitor campaigns. Instead of representing the diversity of women, their lives, aspirations and interests, they are boxed into crude stereotypes – the mother, the carer, the sex object. How can Boost Nuts avoid perpetuating this through its messaging?






Subject: Re: IMC Plan Recommendations for the Board


Message: It is important that the Board understands the various stages consumers go through in deciding to purchase our products. Given your knowledge of consumer behaviour, you know that the Hierarchy of Effects model is a valuable consumer behaviour tool to help marketing communicators advertise and promote to individuals at the various stages.

  • Please identify the six stages for the Board and explain the three most important stages that you believe should be targeted as part of a new product launch for Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter, and why.
  • Identifying the ideal target audience for Boost Nuts is essential for campaign success. How should Boost Nuts segment its target audience? Is behavioural segmentation the way to go or by comparison, are other target audience segmentation variables better predictors of future purchase behaviour?
  • State and justify your optimal target audience for Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter from a behaviouristic perspective.

I appreciate all your good work.

Thanks again,





Subject: Re:Re: IMC Plan Recommendations for the Board


Message: Our marketing communication mix needs to communicate with both current customers and potential customers. Following on from the IMC Plan for Boost Nuts recipe range we recently implemented, I would like you to consider how the marketing communication mix can be applied in the future.

  • For the Board’s benefit, please describe and define the marketing communication mix. Applying the marketing communication mix elements to Boost Nuts, what marketing communications mix tools do you think are important, not as important, not important at all, for Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter. Be sure to explain and justify your reasons. What further work is needed to fine-tune your suggested communications mix tools?
  • Some of the Board members have seen endorsers used very well and very badly. They want to understand the role of endorsers in IMC campaigns. What types of endorsers can be used in marketing communications plans? Please outline the characteristics of each type of endorser and their ability to influence consumer behaviour with reference to Boost Nuts.
  • How can Boost Nuts use social media influencers? Please explain for the Board, the categories of nano, micro, macro and mega influencers. Are any of these categories of social media influencer suitable for Boost Nuts Nothing But Nuts Peanut Butter.

I will use your responses to all my questions to write a report to the Board so I am happy for you to write in point form if you prefer as long as it is clear and flows logically.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your ability to apply your knowledge and skills. Of course, I recognise you are new so please state any assumptions if necessary.

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