EMT307: Explain where this night race is held in Singapore and discuss why we cannot construct a full-scale permanent race site for this event: Logistics and Site Operations TMA Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject EMT307: Logistics and Site Operations

The Assignment

F1 Night Race is one of Singapore’s major car racing events with huge infrastructural investment and logistics support for its successful presence in Singapore.

By inferring from the publicly available information with your observation and analytics, answer the following questions to reflect your understanding of this car racing event’s logistics and operational requirements.

Question 1

Explain where this night race is held in Singapore and discuss why we cannot construct a full-scale permanent race site for this event.

Question 2

Appraise the challenges of hosting this event at a temporary site and its impacts on;
(a) The event’s logistics and operation teams.
(b) The non-event communities around the site.

Question 3

Given that the F1 Night Race in Singapore uses public roads and spaces for this event, discuss FIVE (5) critical and unique F1 Night Race-related infrastructural facilities, either permanent or temporary, which must be provided to conduct this event.

Question 4

The F1 Night Race is not only focused on car racing but amalgamated with a full suite of exciting entertainment and great hospitality packages for its spectators and corporate patrons. Highlight FIVE (5) essential micro infrastructural services and operations needed to support these entertainment and hospitality suites. Demonstrate your understanding of such needs by giving specific examples and relating them to the requirements.

Question 5

Discuss how F1A would evaluate the quality of the following infrastructural facilities in the hosting cities for supporting their races. Demonstrate your understanding of the event’s reliance on them by giving examples.
(a) Airport and seaports.
(b) Freights and forwarding services.
(c) Accommodations.
(d) Civil and social services.
(e) Tourism and hospitality services.

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