• Ask a question about the relationship between X and Y in real life
  • Find micro datasets and download from public available source
  • You might need to merge two or more datasets in Stata
  • Use regression to analyze the variables in two datasets
  • Write a report with maximum 2 pages

The report should include:

  • A short description of your question
  • The source of your datasets
  • Summary statistics
  • Regression specification to analyze the relationship between X and Y
  • Regression table: analyze the relationship between X and Y, without and with control, heterogeneous effect, placebo etc
  • Analyze your results from regression tables

The relationship between X and Y is not required to be causal. Thus, an OLS regression is acceptable. Due to limited time, causal inference method is not required but can be much better.

It is OK to take some dataset from existing research paper. But you need to analyze a new relationship. It has to be cross sectional or panel data

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