ED5880: Explore the relevant literature regarding two models of change leadership – Kotter (2012): Educational Leadership Assignment, JCU, Singapore

University James Cook University (JCU)
Subject ED5880: Educational Leadership


1. Explore the relevant literature regarding two models of change leadership – Kotter (2012) and one other model of your choice. Consider the merits and demerits of each model.

• Introduction

explain the significance of leading and managing organizational change. Provide two /three educational examples. Different models have been put forward to explain change leadership eg Lewin, Kubler-Ross, Fullan, Barber, et al, Kotter. In this assignment, you are going to focus on two models of change leadership: Kotter and one other model. Explain briefly why you have chosen the second model.

• the First model – – four paragraphs eg one on background ie eight steps, and include a diagram summarising the model. Paragraph on merits. Paragraph on demerits. Paragraph on the significance of this model.

2. Critically analyze a ‘change event’ in an educational organization with which you are familiar. Evaluate how this change event was led by referring to the steps proposed by Kotte

• Introduction – introduce the ‘change event’ you have chosen and explain why you have chosen it eg online teaching and learning, curriculum reform. Describe briefly your personal context in relation to this change event

• Apply the steps proposed by Kotter to this change event

• Describe and analyse the opportunities and challenges faced by the leader of this change event. Explain how you would lead this change event, the potential to make recommendations

• Conclusion – leaders need to use a range of approaches when implementing change. The change needs to be implemented carefully and embedded. Strategies need to be put in place to make the change sustainable

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