As an economist working for the world bank, you have been tasked to conduct a research on USA and how its affected by the global financial crisis. Write a report covering the following key areas. in the introduction, provide an overview the macroeconomic event financial crisis. Explain the outline of your essay apply economics theories and models learnt to show understanding of the macroeconomic event. Specifically you should explain how USA economy was affected by the GFC. (touch on the root causes) Impacts of the GFC on the economy and the society. Economic policies implemented by the government in response to the crisis. Outcome of the policies implemented and possible constraints faced in the process. A conclusion,highlighting key discussions in the essay. Point out questions for further discussion, which you had to leave unsolved. Provide quantitative and qualitative evidence to support your discussion. Draw linkage between research findings and concepts learned. Compare and contrast views. Avoided unsupported views. use official sources eg. world bank academic journals. avoid wikipedia.

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