University The University of Newcastle (UoN)
Subject Econ1001: Microeconomics for Business Decisions

Choose Any One Topic from the given four topics for Writing an Academic Essay

1) The reconciliation of economic and environmental challenges (especially climate change) in the 21st Century;

2) The Australian banking industry in the aftermath of the Royal Commission inquiry and policy recommendations;

3) The alleged excessive market power of the US tech giants (e.g. Google, Facebook, Uber) and the competition and other challenges for national governments;

4) Regional economic change and challenges and opportunities for local businesses.

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What makes a good essay?

Here is a listing of common characteristics that good essays share. These general characteristics apply to essays from any discipline area. (Acknowledgement to Elizabeth Adamczyk (PhD) who compiled this summary below).


  • Substantiated, supported, and illustrated claims
  • Used well-chosen case studies and gave detail (e.g. examples and stats) to illustrate them
  • Applied economic analysis to the examples (rather than simply describing the example)
  • Answered the question (rather than simply describing the empirical or theoretical content of the sources)
  • Applied some critical thinking skills (e.g noted the limitation of a policy or a model)

Language and grammar

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Used appropriate academic language (avoided subjective and colloquial language)
  • Wrote in sentences and paragraphs


  • Chose or made appropriate figures and analysed and labelled them correctly
  • Integrated figures into the discussion (not just had them at the end with no in-text reference to them.)
  • Formatted figures appropriately (e.g. with a heading, placed on a new line immediately after the paragraph where they were discussed, using appropriately sized text)


  • Cited sources in-text in an appropriate style (e.g. APA or Harvard)
  • Provided an academic reference list
  • Consistently formatted entries in the reference list
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