Discuss his thinking about routine care and transitions and carry ingoutactivities for the child arenprior: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor

Description of Assignment

The student is to reflect on his role as an educator. The reflection should include the following:

The practicum experience involves routine care, transitions, and activities for children:

Discuss his thinking about routine care and/ or transitions and carry ingout activities for the child Arnprior to the practicum experience and the reasons for the student’s feeling/ thinking in relation to his/ her assumptions, values, or beliefs.

Explain how and why his/her feelings/thinking has changed after the practicum experience.

TherelationshipbetweentheLearningEnvironmentand the roles of the educator as stated in the Code of Ethics


Indicate whether the Learning Environment of his/ her attachment center shows the professional responsibilities and obligations are met.

Explain with examples, what roles the educator play in shaping the learning environment that affects the fulfillment of the responsibilities and obligations as mentioned in the three identified statements.

Three key learning points:

Describe the three key learning points and substantiate with examples drawn from his/ her practicum experience.

Explain how the three key learning points can beappliedin his/to her professional practice.

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