University Kaplan University (KU)
Subject Performance Management


The purpose of this assignment is to develop a learner’s ability to identify and assess how performance management is administered in a selected organization. Performance management is an ongoing process and it does not take place just once a year. It is a continuous process that involves several components. These components are interrelated to each other and the poor implementation of any of the components has a negative impact on the performance management systems as a whole.

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  1. Select and review at least five (5) journal research articles related to performance management in an organisation, specifically looking at the performance management process and the components involved. Take into account problems arising from the processor more precisely, poor implementation of the components involved.
  2. Select an organisation that you are familiar with. Conduct an interview (face-to-face/email/phone) with the Head of Human Resource Department or HR executive. The interview should focus on the performance management process in the organisation of your choice. Discuss the interview method selected and the various stages in the performance management process at the selected organisation.
  3. Identify one component in the performance management process of the selected organisation that has not been implemented effectively. Explain how the poor implementation of the specific component you have chosen has a negative impact on the flow of the performance management process as a whole.
  4. Suggest what should be done to improve the implementation of the component that you have chosen in question 3.
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