Danny was a gymnastics coach from 2008 to 2016, specializing in the trampoline He stopped coaching gymnastics in 2016 and is now coaching: Sports Law and Risk Management Coursework, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject Sports Law and Risk Management

Danny was a gymnastics coach from 2008 to 2016, specializing in the trampoline. He stopped coaching gymnastics in 2016 and is now coaching diving. He has kept his NROC license updated and has been attending coaching courses to keep abreast with the latest coaching methods. On 12 January 2019, he met his primary school classmate Jenny whom he had not seen for 20 years.

Jenny had a 9-year old child, Tom, who has a keen interest in gymnastics, especially the trampoline. After a brief conversation, Jenny asked Danny if he could teach her son gymnastics, especially the techniques in jumping on the trampoline.

Danny was reluctant at first because he had not coached gymnastics for some time but Jenny insisted. She knew that Danny was an ex-national gymnast who specialized in the trampoline.

Thus, she wanted her son to learn from the best. Danny finally agreed but did not accept any payment. He also warned Jenny that there were risks involved in jumping on the trampoline, such as serious injuries from landing outside the trampoline.

Therefore, Tom had to listen to his instructions very carefully. Jenny told him not to worry because Tom is a disciplined child and knows how to follow instructions.

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