Create a simple Cisco Packet Tracer home Network Diagram setup with the following items: Networking Assignment, SUSS, Singapore, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS)
Subject Networking Assignment

The TCP/IP Reference Model is a description of layered communications and computer network protocol design. It is used to standardize and characterize functions of communication systems and ensure the operability of various communication systems. Therefore, you can see their application in all kinds of computer network communications.

1) Create a simple Cisco Packet Tracer home Network Diagram setup with the following items:
a) 1 x Router; b) 1 x Switch; c) 1 x Server; d) Any 2 end devices ie. Notebook and PC e) Use of straight/cross copper cables and/or wireless

2) Your home network will use IPv4 address ranges to ( while your web server connected to your home router will use ( All devices should be able to ping each other when it is configured and connected correctly. There should be no need to do any IP address subnetting.

3) You have setup a home HTTP web server in your home network connected directly to your home router where your home end device is able to see a webpage that has been setup. Use the Cisco Packet Tracer Simulation Mode for this assignment with appropriate screenshots of the TCP/IP lavers and explanations to illustrate the encapsulation and de-encapsulation process for sending and receiving in order for your end device to access and see the webpage when the user keys in in the browser URL.

4) Using the TCP/IP model, explain the process for communication between source and destination, how data flows from one layer to another and between one end device, intermediary device(s) and the web server in the home network.

5) Use screen captures from your Cisco Packet Tracer simulation to help in illustration.

6) Explain the benefits of using the TCP/IP Reference Model relating the benefit with the observations made in your assignment.

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