Corona Extra was first introduced into the market in 1925, and since its launch, it has emerged to become a Mexican: Consumer Behavior Research Paper, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject Consumer Behavior

Corona Extra was first introduced into the market in 1925, and since its launch, it has emerged to become a Mexican icon. Corona is a pale lager with traditional Hispanic flavors produced by Cerveceria Modelo. It is a beer recognized and sold around the world and is currently rated among the top-selling beers internationally. Corona embodies a relaxed, carefree persona situated around fun, sports, music, and the beach.

The brand focuses on the overall experience consumers have when interacting with the brand. Corona’s brand puts a high emphasis on the friendships and memories that are made when consumers drink Corona (Bhasin,2018). The purpose of this report is to identify prominent market segments for Corona and analyze the relationship between these segments and Corona’s marketing communications. After the analysis of these particular consumer segments, the report will outline Corona’s positioning strategy for each.

Market segmentation is the process a company undergoes when it divides the market into subsets of consumers. These subsets have multiple characteristics in common including consumer needs, interests, and similarities. Based on Corona’s current marketing communications, the following segments have been chosen: the Hard-working Australian, Party Orientated Socialite, and the Adventure seeking Australian.

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