COR165e Thinking Critically (TMA- 2) – SUSS, Singapore

SECTION A: Propositional Logic (25 marks)

Question 1

Consider the following argument:

“You will be successful either if you are hardworking or you are lucky. You will be lucky if you are enterprising and you can think critically. You can think critically if you are enrolled in this course. You are enrolled in this course, and I know you are enterprising. So, you will be successful.”

In the context of this argument, you are required to do the following:

a) Assign a letter of the alphabet to each relevant simple statement in the argument. (3 marks)

b) Identify the final conclusion, the explicitly stated premises and the intermediate conclusions of the argument (if any). For any intermediate conclusion you identify, use and state the premises you infer this conclusion from, along with the valid standard argument form used in the inference. Also, state the premises and
intermediate conclusions used in inferring the final conclusion and state the valid standard argument form (if any) used in the inference [Hint: See Example 5.6.2 in your textbook for guidance.] (19 marks)

c) Comment on the validity of the argument: is the argument valid? (3 marks)

SECTION B: Inductive Arguments (10 marks)

Questions 2 and 3 contain inductive arguments. For each question, identify the arguments by stating the premises and the conclusion [NOTE: The conclusion might be implicit.] Then, state a fact, which, if known, would make the inductive arguments contained therein stronger; and a fact, which, if which, would make the arguments weaker.

Question 2

‘The next bus will arrive in 5 minutes. The schedule on the bus-stop says so.’ (100 words max, 5 marks)

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