University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Design & Architecture

Assignment Title: Analytical Essay about Nature and the Urban Landscape


This project requires you to write an analytical essay about a topic that builds upon issues that have been discussed throughout the semester. In consultation with your lecturer, you must decide on the angle you want to take in responding to your topic: what is your perspective about the topic you’re interested in?

Your essay must demonstrate that you are able to synthesize between historical, theoretical and practical knowledge and their relations to the field of design.

Your writing must contain an arguable point,  that is formal and objective. Ensure that credible sources of information are used and that any sources quoted or paraphrased are cited.

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This assessment will assess the following Module Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Construct an argument and defend your opinions with supporting information and references.
  2. Demonstrate research and analytical skills in the application of design theories and movements.
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