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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Comparative Asian Studies

Choose from the following essay topics:

1. Will China maintain the liberal world order and eventually lead it, or will it resort to military action in the South China Sea to attain and ensure dominance? How does Covid-19 impact this calculation?

2. Asia’s history has been defined by flows of people-movements and migration. It continues to be a site for massive flows of both labor-migration and forced-migration. How can Asian governments and policy-makers constructively engage with either/both types of migration?

3. Asia’s societies increasingly must find the right balance between achieving economic growth and the negative social and environmental by-products of that growth. This plays out in many different ways across Asia – whether in BRI infrastructure projects, rapid urbanization of Asia’s cities, or the race for green finance, among others. Identify one example where you think a city or state government has ‘gotten it right’ and explain why you think this could be a model for other societies in Asia.

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