University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject BUS 210: Marketing Research and Analysis

Assignment Details:

Royal way is a private hospital operating in major cities in Australia. The hospital would like to extend its services in its hospital and pharmacies through online platforms and the use of robotics. It is seeking an individual or market research firm proficient in market research design to conduct a consumer survey to understand trends surrounding technology use in healthcare services and synthesize results to share the findings.

To do so, it invites suppliers to provide a project design document. The results of the research will be used for resource allocation, inform current and new services and products. The company wants to meet the objectives of gaining knowledge of new trends and consumers’ attitudes and consumption patterns in hi-tech healthcare environments. The project requirements are open such that the chosen partner could create, field, and analyze an online survey or design an exploratory research design to understand the problem in-depth and gain further insights. The following research themes are of interest:

  • Attitudes and use of chatbots
  • Attitudes and use of robotics or voice activation technology
  • Technology trends
  • Attitudes and consumption experiences with firm-hosted virtual communities

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You are a market research consultant and you want to write a project design document to be picked as a supplier.

The document should meet the needs of research quality, costs, and time for the firm and demonstrate the following:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of key literature in the area. This may include key constructs and ways measured, current models, and research methodologies used based on a few key papers.
  • Include a project statement and description, methodology justification and dedicated resources, projected timeframe, and contingencies for completion.
  • Communicates professionalism and simplify the decision-making process.
  • The project design document should not exceed 1,200 words in length.
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