BSL202: Lorraine has just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History. She has a specialization in 15th-century Italian artwork: Workplace Law Assignment, MU, Singapore

University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject BSL202: Workplace Law


Lorraine has just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History. She has a specialization in 15th-century Italian artwork. It has been quite tricky for Lorraine to find gainful employment in her area. Graduate positions that specialize in 15th-century Italian artwork are few and far between. Given this, Lorraine is very excited to see an advertisement on, a
popular website for art-related job advertisements. The advertisement is for an entry-level position working as an assistant to John Bochetto, the director of art at Little Florence Art Gallery. The advertisement says the following:

Amazing opportunity to work with one of the most esteemed Italian art experts. As assistant to the director of art, John Bochetto, you will have the opportunity to travel, study and develop your career. Training will be provided and you will work side-by-side with specialists in the area and will work directly with the Faccini collection in the coming months. Apply now!”

Lorraine applies and is very happy to receive an interview. At the interview, she meets with a representative from HR, Rhey, and a junior art advisor, Billings. In the interview both Rhey and Billings explain what the job will be like. Billings says that all new employees are given training to work at the gallery and are funded a trip to Florence in order to further develop their specializations. Rhey tells Lorraine that she will love working with John Bochetto because he is
very dedicated to his protégés and ensures that they are immersed in the artwork and the environment. Billings agrees with this.

Without reservation, Lorraine takes the job and signs a very simple employment contract that states hours of work, remuneration, entitlement to vacations, etc. She starts work the next day.

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