Beacon Manufacturing Pty Ltd will be Having Its Annual Sales kick-off: International Hospitality Events and Operations Assignment, KU, Singapore

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University Kaplan University (KU)
Subject International Hospitality Events and Operations

Case Study Scenario

Beacon Manufacturing Pty Ltd will be having its annual sales kick-off conference, finishing with a banquet and an awards ceremony for the best sales personnel. Because of the better than expected business, Beacon Manufacturing Pty Ltd will be hosting a total of 120 guests of which 20 will be from overseas and will require hotel accommodation for one night. There will be 10 guests for the dinner who are accorded VIP status. The dinner will also have 2 formal speeches and some entertainment. For the conference, there will be a kick-off meeting followed by presentations by the various sales teams from the region.

The conference will last for half a day and will conclude after lunch and then the participants have their own free time until dinner. One coffee-break is required at 10:30 am and Lunch at 12:30 pm Beacon Manufacturing Pty Ltd has commissioned you as an Event Management Company to organize and run this event for them as they would like to provide an “experience” for their employees and guests.

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As your company has a very good reputation they have left it to you to come up with all the details and ideas. Additional information Date of event: 10th September 2020 Conference start time: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Time of dinner: 7 pm to midnight Banquet Event Order template provided in Appendix A Floorplans provided in Appendix B Submission guidelines: Based on the case study scenario above, you are required to provide a report of approximately 3000 words narrative of how you would plan and organize this small event to meet the requirements of the above case scenario.

This is group work and your lecturer will allocate groups in week 2, approximately 3 to 4 students maximum per group. In your report you are specifically required to include the following:

  • Event Brief & Concept
  • Theme & Menu
  • suitable for the event
  • Marketing Activity


  • Marketing Materials
  • Creating Budgets
  • Dish & Menu Costings, decorations and set up, entertainment
  • Kitchen & FHO Set-up & Design
  • Table Plan & Venue Set Up
  • Roles & Work Schedule
  • Labour Plan & Running Order for the Day
  • Mood board – to be presented to the client for approval
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