BBS2019 Use social media analytics to review and provide insights into how followers feel/interact: Business social media analytics Assignment, TP, Singapore

University Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

SECTION A: Instagram And Tiktok Analytics
For this part of the project, we aim to use social media analytics to review and provide insights into how followers feel/interact and their behavior on social media.

You are required to select ONE (1) of the following companies:

BBS2019_Individual Assignment

The key objectives are as follows:
a) To gain insights into how the company is using social media on Instagram/TikTok.
b) To analyse which individual posts can help increase the follower count.
c) To analyse how the company’s social media marketing strategies are aligned with the company’s overall business goals
d) To recommend waysthe company can grow the number of followers and increase the engagement.

Students are required to give your analysis by interpreting the various metrics and visual charts in the social media analytics tools (Appendix A). Students may explore the use of Social Blade and other limited trial toolssuch Countik,, Social Bakers, or Keyhole.

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SECTION B: Using Google Trends for Content Marketing
1. In this section, you are required to explore the use of Google Trends, a free tool that search trends in Singapore and other regions in the world.
2. Support your findings with screenshots (e.g. visual charts and tables) and examples that you obtained in Google Trends.
3. Justify your reasons with the findings that you obtained in Google Trends (e.g. interest over time, interest by region and topic, search volume, keyword searches).

SECTION C: Social Media Marketing Campaign
1. Based on the keyword search trends, you are required to provide your recommendation with a social media marketing campaign to engage the millennial market as well as increase the number of followers on social media including the following:
 Indicate which stage of the marketing funnel is being targeted at by your social media strategy
 Include a clear and compelling Call‐to‐Action (CTA) and relevant content
marketing in social media to increase engagement, build brand awareness and drive conversions.

2. Based on your findings, provide your recommendations with a social media marketing campaign for the company to increase followers and engagement  in Instagram/TikTok.

3. You may use Gen AI tools to generate a mock‐up post/video with the Call‐to‐Action for your content marketing in social media.

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