Assume that you were Recently Hired as a Financial Advisor of Wilmar International (SGX: F34), a listed Company on the SingaporeCorporate Finance Assignment, NUS, Singapore

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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Corporate Finance

Assume that you were recently hired as a Financial Advisor of Wilmar International (SGX: F34), a listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange, and you were given the task of company and share valuation.

Use a set of published annual reports in addition to the online published information on Wilmar International during the most recent five years e.g. 2016-2020 to find the value of the company and its shares using appropriate valuation techniques. Your report should clearly include the following:

1. The rationale for the choice of the valuation technique(s).

2. The sources of information and any assumptions you made.

3. Company’s cost of equity; comment on the differences in the estimates you obtained if you used alternative models.

4. Company’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Show all calculations with respect to the cost of each source. Calculations would be shown in the appendix.

5. A comparison between your calculated value with the current market price per share and the company market value. Advice on the appropriate decision by the companies’ shareholders and potential investors.

suggested outline for the valuation report;

1) Executive Summary You should provide an executive summary of your results and conclusions in no more than 300 words.

2) Description of the Company A brief description of the company, its history, product lines, recent acquisitions, plans for future products/services etc. keep this section brief and to the point while highlighting all the factors which are likely to impact future financial performance of the company.

3) Industry Analysis A brief analysis of the industry including growth of the industry, competitive pressures and threats, future prospects of the industry etc. You should also put your company in its context within the industry.

4) Historical Financial Data and Forecasts A brief summary of historical financial data including trends and growth in company’s revenues, income, cash flows, assets, debt, profitability etc. The historical growth rates in key financial items may serve as the basis for future financial projections.

Provide financial projections for a reasonable future period based on your chosen valuation method (dividends, free cash flows etc.). All projections and estimates should be supported with reasons given for forecasted growth/decline rates.

5) Valuation Use any two methods to value the company (total and per share). Support your choices of methods used and how you used them. You should provide sufficient supporting data and details to understand your methods and follow your valuations.

Clearly outline the assumptions and data used in calculating the cost of capital (required rate of return).

6) Conclusion Provide a brief conclusion summarising your findings and methods used in the valuation.

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