Assignment Requires you to Conduct and Report a Review of Literature on a Topic Related to Sustainable Energy Sources: Technical Writing Research Paper, Singapore

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University Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
Subject Technical Writing


This assignment requires you to conduct and report a review of literature on a topic related to sustainable energy sources. You should provide background information on an existing problem(s) that could be alleviated with the use of a renewable energy source, or improved with a more sustainable process. The energy source or process should be clearly defined and explained with respect to how its adoption could contribute towards the fulfillment of oneoftheUnitedNation’sSustainableDevelopment Goals (2020) for the world.

The purpose of this report is to give the reader a clear understanding of the type of renewable energy or sustainable process you have chosen. You should describe how this alternative functions, what its current limitations are, and what else needs to be accomplished to enable the technology/process to be effective, using reliable secondary or published sources to support your claims. Identify the limitations facing the use of the most recent versions of the technology/process you identified and highlight the see areas that need further research and development.

Your paper should conclude with a summary of the potential that developing your chosen technology/process presents, and make recommendations for further research or implementation of that technology/process to help achieve the specific United Nations’ sustainable development goal (that you have selected). In other words, this report concludes with a research gap.

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