As part of your graduate program application, you are required to write analytical responses: Macroeconomics for Decision Making Assignment, SMU, Singapore

University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Macroeconomics for Decision Making Assignment

The Task: As part of your graduate program application, you are required to write analytical responses on the topic provided to reflect your understanding of economic theory and modelling and your ability to apply it to real world issues and scenarios. Detailed instructions for this task will be provided in Canvas.

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Purpose 🎯

Case studies are analyses of situations or problems to be solved. They are used to communicate challenges and recommendations, in order to drive change. In this assessment, you will apply theories taught in class to a real work business scenario, helping you develop your analysis, problem-solving, and writing skills.

Case 🔎

You are applying for a graduate role to a major consultancy firm in Singapore. As part of the application, you are required to provide analytical responses to 3 case studies that reflect your understanding of applied economic theory and modelling. These responses showcase your ability to:

  • undertake quality research, synthesise complex information and effectively communicate your findings and assessment
  • use theoretical modelling and concepts to assess changes in economic conditions
  • demonstrate the complexity of using fiscal and monetary interventions in the economy

This year, the theme is the impact of a slowing global economy for Singapore. Through an in-depth analysis of this issue you will explore the causes of the slowdown and efforts to foster recovery from the slowdown. The case study comprises 3 distinct parts that each requires an analytical response, including where prompted use of conceptual modelling tools including the AD-AS model, the exchange rate market, the Phillips Curve model and the IS-LM model.

The 3 parts to the case study are:

  1. An analysis of the causes of the global economic slowdown specifically focused on the impact to Singapore through its trade with other nations.
  2. An analysis of how global economic slowdown is impacting the entire economy of Singapore including reference to the key macroeconomic indicators covered as part of the course.
  3. An overview of any actions undertaken by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and government in response to the issue of global economic slowdown AND an evaluation of whether fiscal or monetary policy would be more effective in dealing with the problems.

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