University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject ACCT201: Corporate Reporting & Financial Analysis

The issue to be investigated: SGX Code of Corporate Governance

In Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) and the Singapore Exchange Ltd (“SGX”) have oversight of corporate governance of listed companies with effect from 1 September 2007. The Code of Corporate Governance was first issued by the Corporate Governance Committee (“CGC”) on 21 March 2001. Listed companies are required under the Singapore Exchange Listing Rules to disclose their corporate governance practices and give explanations for deviations from the Code in their annual reports.

In 2018, MAS issued a revised Code (“2018 Code”) and accompanying Practice Guidance. The 2018 Code supersedes and replaces the Code that was issued in May 2012.

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  1. The 2018 Code contains thirteen (13) broad principles. From the 13 broad principles, your group is required to select one broad principle, describe, and explain the principles, and how it contributes to the good corporate governance practices in a company.
  2. You also required to use real-life examples from SGX-listed companies’ annual reports to support your explanations as to how companies comply with your selected broad principle. Please select one SGX-listed company from the financial sector for your real-life example discussion of the selected five broad principles. You should provide two examples.
  3. In citing examples as to whether and how companies adhered with the Code’s requirements, please include extracts and copies of all the relevant pages and tables from the annual report(s) for ease of reference as a separate appendix in your report.
  4. Your group must submit a properly referenced assignment. The unit focuses on the APA style as it is one of the most commonly used citations. Without in-text referencing and reference list will have their assignment returned to them and receive zero marks.
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