According to recent research, tourism is now known as a business that developed into one of the biggest wage generators worldwide: Factors Affecting Tourism Destination, MDIS, Singapore

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University Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
Subject Factors Affecting Tourism

According to recent research, tourism is now known as a  business that developed into one of the biggest wage generators worldwide. Managing tourism as a vehicle for monetary advancement in any destination relies on keeping up destination competitiveness.

As following the trend, tourism has become an important industry in Vietnam
and as a result, the government of Vietnam has accorded it a priority status for future tourism development.

Following the country’s advancement, Ho Chi Minh tourism has become more essential and offers a wide range of different service packages. The number of domestic and international guests to Ho Chi Minh increases every year.

Despite the fact that Vietnam’s tourism is having a promising future, the tourism industry in Ho Chi Minh is still youthful, there are numerous troubles and challenges stood up, adding with furious rivalry from different nations in the near area.

Whilst there has been significant growth in visitor arrivals in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, tourists’ stay in Ho Chi Minh tends to be relatively short and the repeat rate of visitors is low as there is limited entertainment.

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