A2129C: The rise in awareness of pollution issues due to the usage of plastics calls for more sustainable packaging materials: Food Packaging Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject A2129C: Food Packaging

A2129C: Food Packaging

However, the rise in awareness of pollution issues due to the usage of plastics calls for more sustainable packaging materials. As part of the packaging transformation team, you will review plastic-based food packaging available in the current market and the alternative sustainable packaging option.

You are tasked to use 1 plastic-based packaging for ready-to-drink fruit juice as an example to elaborate on how plastic is used as primary food packaging and the possible sustainable alternative.

In the proposal, you should include and discuss ALL of the following:

  • Use ONE plastic-based primary food packaging for ready-to-drink fruit juice and include a picture of this food product as an example:
    (i) Elaborate on the four levels of packaging for the fruit juice.
    (ii) Discuss how the functions of food packaging are achieved.
  • With reference to the plastic-based primary food packaging stated in part
    (i) Name the material(s) found in the packaging.
    (ii) State at least THREE major material properties of the packaging and discuss how its function as primary packaging can be achieved. Your discussion should take into consideration the possible environments the product may encounter.
    (iii) Comment on the pros and cons of the packaging based on ALL the functions it can achieve.
  • Identify ONE suitable packaging technique for the plastic-based primary food packaging stated in part (a), and discuss how the selected technique helps to prolong the food’s shelf life and preserve its quality based on its food properties and safety considerations. The discussion should cover the following:
    (i) Include a flow chart to illustrate the process of the packaging technique identified.
    (ii) Elaborate clearly on how the food’s shelf-life is extended with its quality preserved using the identified packaging technique and packaging design.
    (iii) Describe a method to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed packaging technique.
  • Propose the possible approach(es), including the necessary change(s) to the current system, as well as the possible costs and benefits to adopting a more sustainable primary food packaging for the food product stated in part (a).

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