304SE: A four-bus power system is shown in Figure 2: Bus-1 is slack bus. Bus -4 is a PV bus, and the other two buses are PQ buses: Power Systems, Assignment, CU, Singapore

University Coventry University (CU)
Subject 304SE: Power Systems

Question 2

A four-bus power system is shown in Figure 2. Bus-1 is slack bus. Bus -4 is a PV bus, and the other two buses are PQ buses. The initial voltages of the slack and PV buses are as shown in the figure. The data for the buses are given in the table-1 below. The values of the real and reactive power shown in the table are on a base of 100 MVA.

The line impedances given in the table-2 are on a common base. Assume the initial value of the angle at the PV bus to be zero (0) and the voltages at buses 2 and 3 to be 1.0∟0°.

Table-1 Base MVA=100

304SE Power Systems

Choose the line impedances for your calculations based on the last digit of your student number as indicated in table-2 below.

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304SE Power Systems

(a) Create the circuit, in “PowerWorld” software. Assume a base power of 100 MVA. All the field values sch as voltage and phase angle at every bus and real and
reactive power at both end of every line must be included in the circuit. The created circuit diagram (before simulation) must be included in your report.

(b) Simulate the circuit using Gauss-Seidel iterative method for a single iteration. Record the values of the voltage magnitudes in pu and phase angle in degrees at
buses 2,3 and 4. The simulated diagram with all the field values clearly shown must be included in your report.

(c) Determine the bus admittance matrix for the circuit using the impedance values given in the table. Printout the bus impedance matrix generated by the PowerWorld program and compare it with the bus impedance matrix
determined by you.

(d) Calculate the voltage in pu and the phase angle in degrees at the buses 2 and 3 after the first iteration using Gauss-Seidel method and compare it with the results recorded in part (b).

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