Q1: Individual Report

As a student of Electrical Power Systems Module, you have been given an assignment to prepare report on Electrical Power System of a specific renewable energy technology. Select one renewable energy source that can be used for generating electricity. Each student must select different renewable energy source for this assignment.

If there is a dispute, please consult your lecturer.

The following are the general guidelines for preparing report.

Word Count overall 1500 words ± 10 % to include citations

You are encouraged to obtain and review information from websites of Electricity Authorities, IEEE, IET, International Energy Agency and/or similar Associations for preparing report.  Please include list of references in Appendix (not included in word count)

You must cite references for data, graphs, charts, figures, illustrations, and diagrams in your report.

Cover page should include Title of the report, student name, student number, class and date.

Also provide Table of Content.

You are encouraged to use following Section Headings in your Table of content.

  1. Introduction                                                

Provide a brief description of background information of the renewable energy resource for generating electricity.

  1. Renewable Energy Information

Obtain latest information about Electricity Generation using chosen renewable energy for world and Asia from the reliable source(s) and present it in the form of graphs / charts. Provide analysis, comments and observations on the obtained information.

  1. Power System Network

Sketch a representative single line diagram of the power system network needed to uplift the renewable energy and briefly describe about technologies used for generation, transmission and distribution systems.  Indicate various power rating and voltage levels used. Also, sketch per unit equivalent diagram of the proposed power system network.

  1. Electricity Generation using the proposed renewable energy source                

Tabulate latest information of Annual energy generated in GWh in the world and Average Electricity Tariff for the proposed renewable energy resource. Provide your analysis, comments and observations.

  1. Renewable Energy Project

Obtain latest information about one renewable energy project and provide technical specification of the project. Estimate reduction in emissions from the chosen project.

Provide your comments and observations.

  1. Summary and Conclusions

What observations and conclusions you can draw based on this study of the electrical power system of the specific renewable energy technology?  Highlight key features of the report. What are your recommendations for the improvements to the electricity authority for using the proposed renewable energy technology?

  1. Similarity Index: Include Summary of Similarity Index

Total 30 Marks

A guide to academic writing is available at: Centre for Academic Writing


Symmetrical component theory is widely used in power system analysis. Design and develop a program that can be used for solving problems associated with symmetrical components.

  • Program 1 allows input of line voltages (VR, VY, VB) and line currents (IR, IY, IB) and then computes values of the Zero sequence power (P0), Positive sequence Power (P1) and Negative sequence Power (P2) components using Symmetrical Components Theory.
  • Program 2 allows input of symmetrical components i.e. V0, V1 and V2 and I0, I1 and I2 of line currents and then computes values of phase powers i.e. (PR, PY, PB).
  • Test your programs using at least three different values. Tabulate sample results using the program 1 and program 2. Include screen shots of the sample results.

(35 Marks)


Load flow studies are widely used in power system analysis. Design and develop a program that can be used for solving problems associated with load flow analysis.

The proposed Program allows input of number of busbars, voltages, load powers, admittances and estimates voltages at various buses using Gauss-Seidel load flow method.

Test the developed program using A single line diagram of power system network shown in Figure Q3.  Include screen shots of the program and results.

All values are in p.u. and on common base.

Estimate V2/d2 using Gauss-Seidel load flow method for 2 iterations.  Start with Initial value V2(0) /d2o = 1.0/00 p.u, as shown in the diagram

(35 Marks)

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