You are Working on a Medical Ward at SCUH as a Bachelor RN. In the Past 8 Weeks: Nursing and Midwifery Capstone Assignment, CU, Singapore

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University Curtin University (CU)
Subject Nursing and Midwifery Capstone


QI Project in Singapore Curtin Hospital: PI prevention Kit and Efficient practice guidelines for Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries in Surgical Ward


Preventing and decreasing rate of Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries by implementing best guidelines without delay of nursing interventions in the surgical ward over a period of six months


Pressure Injuries (PIs) are conspicuous issues related to the inpatient nursing care quality improvement rate. However, pressure injuries are common but avoidable problems during hospitalization based on best practice guidelines and making use of accurate and efficient assessment tools (Barker et al, 2012). Pressure Injuries impacted the life of clients physically, mentally, and socially. Pressure Injuries prevention is an instant measure for all clients at high risk.

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Choose either case Study to propose a Quality Improvement

You are working on a medical ward at SCUH as a bachelor RN. In the past 8 weeks your ward Managerprovidesevidence that the ward has had an increase in falls from 2.4% of all admissions to 7.5% of all admissions. The ward manager has asked you to assembly a team of CN’s and RNs to propose a Quality Improvement project to address the current problem.


You are working on a Surgical ward at SCUH as a Bachelor RN. In the past 8 weeks, your ward Manager provides evidence that the ward has had an increase in pressure injuries from 2.8% of all admissions to 6.3% of all admissions. The ward manager has asked you to assembly a team of CN’s and RNs to propose a Quality Improvement project to address the current problem.

Assessment 2 – Quality Improvement Project Proposal

Quality Improvement (QI) is the continued contribution of healthcare professionals, patients, and their families to making and sustaining changes that lead to better patient outcomes, better systems, and better professional development.

Quality Improvement projects evaluate clinical practice so that improvements can be made in the context of a continuously evolving and changing environment. Quality Improvement uses data about and from people (for example audits and surveys) while QI explores processes, systems, and programs.

You are required to complete an application to explore a clinical quality activity. Your application must be submitted on the “Quality Improvement Application form”. The document should demonstrate a high level of thinking, commensurate with a final semester student. DO NOT CHANGE THE FIELDS ON THE FORM OR ADD ANY ADDITIONAL FIELDS.

A clear structure of the proposal is expected. Endnote referencing (or another citation manager) must be used and students should aim for a minimum of 15 references. The references must be peer-reviewed.

The following provides a guideline for the different sections that your proposal may include:

  • Title page – Student Declaration
  • Working Project Title – Should be succinct and to the point describing what the report is about. It is generally a one-sentence statement (Max 25 Words)
  • Aim
  • Project Lead
  • Project Details
  • Impact on Clinical Care
  • Ethics statement
  • Dissemination Plan
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