University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Operations and Project Management

Assignment Task:

Scenario :

You are acting as the operations and quality consultant for a chosen organization (preferably where the learner is currently working or any other organization of your choice). You have been asked by the board of directors to prepare a report to review the operations and quality management processes in the organisation.

You are required to look at the existing supply chain networks, operations management, and quality management processes, procedures, and systems within the organization, and, evaluate the competitiveness of the organization in achieving key strategic objectives. It is also imperative to evaluate the information management/ systems in the organisation in relation to such operations management processes.

You should make use of relevant academic literature, theories, current issues, principles, and concepts in Operations and Quality Management.

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You MUST follow the Report format, which should contain the following sections. :

1. The report should have an Executive Summary (A summary of the entire report in no more than one page of A4 paper).

2. You should provide a brief introduction to the chosen organisation and highlight the operations management challenges that the organisation currently faces. You should then critically discuss the application of any three principles in maintaining quality management of the Operations Management practices.

3. Evaluate the impact of productivity, workflow, and quality on organizational competitiveness. Thereafter, critically evaluate the integration of core operational strategies of the organization with its overall business strategies, with a special reference to the role of Supply Chain Network design aligning with the overall business strategy. Develop appropriate performance indicators to effectively track monitoring, control, and continuous improvement of the company operations.

4. Critically discuss the role of management information systems in assisting strategic goals and operational processes success in your chosen organization. You should critically evaluate the role of ICT applications in supporting as well as enhancing the operations management in the chosen organization; and thereafter analyse the actual requirements, appropriate methods, technologies, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, that will help in optimisation of the operational processes of the organization.

5. Finally, analyze the methodologies and scheduling tools you would like to use to develop the project specifications, schedule, control, and evaluation to effectively implement and manage the project successfully. Conclude the report with your final findings and analysis, as well as evaluating the contribution of project leadership to effectively bring about the change and manage all stakeholder’s expectations.

6. Kindly note that you should present the whole report written well in a good format, and which makes good use of the Harvard Referencing System (HRS).

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