UGB264: Select two real-life global organizations from the Food and Beverage industry. You are to compare and contrast the business ethics: Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Report, MDIS, Singapore

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University Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
Subject UGB264: Business Ethics Responsibility and Sustainability


Select two real-life global organizations from the Food and Beverage industry.
You are to compare and contrast the business ethics, responsibility, and sustainability programs and practices in these two organizations anywhere along their entire supply chain. These organizations should not be start-ups or government-sector-type entities. They can be commercial, private, or non-profit organizations.

You are to address these areas in your chosen organizations. As much as possible, you are to make references to the ethical and moral theories and principles.

[1] Examine their present predominant business ethics philosophies & practices, and the impact on their stakeholders. You are to highlight the predominant ethical view/s adopted by the organizations. In particular, identify whether consequential vs non- consequential views are being adopted and the impact on and actions of these organizations, regarding their norms (procedures, processes) and behavior (actions).

[2] Analyze the key challenges to their business ethics, sustainability, and responsibility. You are to highlight the expectations that the organizations encounter within the environment that they operate. Such challenges can come from the State, Civil Society, Consumers, Employees, and other stakeholders.

[3] Provide recommendations on what more they can do to improve or enhance their business ethics, sustainability and responsibility. Your recommendations can cover (not limited to overcoming consumerism, promoting “Green” practices, developing sustainable programs, embarking on triple-bottom-line ethics & long-term business strategies.

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