University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject TOU324: Events Policy and Evaluation


You are required to prepare a 1000 word, academically informed essay in response to the following question.  To highlight your learning experience, you are required to append and refer to 3 of your highest quality posts as well as the academic literature.

Essay Question:

In terms of events, what major changes to government policies (International, National, and Local) do you believe will eventuate (occur as a result of) post-COVID-19.  How will key stakeholders be affected by these policy changes?

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Social Distancing

Health and Safety (e.g. border controls, travel bubbles & green lanes, airports, hotels, event venues)

Economic policies to support tourism, hospitality, and events industry.

Support for virtual events (see latest updates from SIN)

Destination Marketing strategies (check out HKG, Japan, and Singapore Rediscover campaigns).

Government Funding of events and the tourism industry (refer to SIN government initiatives).

  • Refer to academic literature
  • Newspaper articles
  • This is not an opinion piece but academically grounded essay
  • There must be a focus on international, national and local policies
  • 1000 words (write your word count at the end of the essay)
  • The reference list must be attached
  • Essay formatting
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