To investigate both the advantages and disadvantages of moving to cloud computing: Enterprise Server Management Assignment, TU, Singapore

University Teesside University (TU)
Subject Enterprise Server Management Assignment

You and your team are required to investigate both the advantages and disadvantages of moving to cloud computing, based on a given company scenario, and then present your research outcome to the company management team. In addition, you are also required to generate an action plan to address the company’s needs.

A business has had a multi-million pound turnover in the past three years, and it has undergone a massive shift from sales in person to its new e-commerce system bringing it from single digit percentages in terms of sales to representing a third to a half of all of their sales. This business has two sites, their main HQ (350 users) with a leased line connection and their secondary site (100 users) on a basic ADSL service. All services, including those external-facing services, are hosted in the main HQ and the secondary site accesses any internal only services via a VPN.

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