University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Information Systems

Assignment Details:

This was a year of transition for media giants. Multi-billion dollar mergers fundamentally altered the landscape, while traditional entertainment companies scrambled to join the streaming revolution (Shapiro, 2019).

Acquisitions and mergers are common in the communication industry. In the process, big companies grow larger and smaller ones get forced out of the competition. With online streaming becoming increasingly popular in recent years, Netflix has leaped 169 spots to claim the spot as the fifth-largest media company on the Global 2000.

Shapiro, A., 2019. World’s Biggest Media Companies 2019: Netflix Climbs The Ranks As Streaming Transforms Industry. Available at:

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Assignment Questions:

  1. Analyse the current trends in the communication industry and evaluate challenges that media companies may face.
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the market model and the public sphere model by discussing how communication firms use these models to consolidate their businesses.
  3. In light of the changing global trends and challenges faced, identify, and discuss what strategies local media organisations like Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp should focus on when growing their news businesses.
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