The Staff at MultiTech, Along with Many Others in the World, had to Work From Home: Ergonomics Assignment, MDIS, Singapore

Assignment Task

The staff at MultiTech, along with many others in the world, had to work from home suddenly at the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. At the time it was not known how long this would be for, but it became apparent that working at home was going to become a long term way of working. Staff was asked to use their own personal equipment or issued laptops which were not originally intended for this purpose.

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Now it has become apparent that working at home is a long term way of working and the directors have asked you like the Health and Safety Manager to write a report to:

  • Identify both the mental and physical issues of staff working at the home long term.
  • Consider solutions to these issues
  • Discuss any relevant legislation and/or guidance

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