University Singapore Management University (SMU)
Subject Event Planning & Management

Project Details:

The Event Planning and Management project is a collaboration between ITE College Central (School of Business and Services) and the various Merchant Associations within the neighborhood centers. The objective of this partnership is to provide an authentic learning platform to engage our students in planning a community engagement event between the retailers and the residents in the neighborhood.

The student is required to conduct research and submit a concept pitch proposal based on a $1500 budget for a 3-hour hybrid event, which is suitable for the profile of the target audience.

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The suggested format of the Concept Pitch Proposal (10%) is as follows:

1Cover PageModule: Event Planning and Management

  • Prepared for: Module Lecturer’s Name
  • Prepared by: Class/ Full Name/ Index No.
2Content Page
  • The appropriate numbering of pages
3Essential Requirements
  • Appropriate headings and paragraph numbering
  • Pagination
  • Formatting
  • Font and Format: Arial font size 12, single-spacing
  • Use of standard English
  • Should not exceed 10-page, excluding cover page and content page
4Use of Language
  • Well-constructed sentences
  • No grammatical and spelling error
5Event Information and objectives
  • Theme and justification
  • Goals and objectives
  • Event information
  • Key Deliverables from HDB
    • Generate online awareness for the businesses;
    • Increase footfall for the center;
    • Propose a sustainable online publicity mode for our MA to continue after this collaboration
6SWOT Analysis
  • Provide detailed analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • At least 2 for each component
7Recommendation of Venue
  • Describe and justify the location and accessibility of the choice of venue
8The rationale for the Proposed Program
  • Variety of program which is creative and well-thought and suitable for the event
  • Effective engagement of the target audience
  • Suitability of activities
  • The creativity of the activities
  • Appropriateness to the event theme

The Operation Plan assesses the students’ application of skills and knowledge learned to develop a sound operation plan (based on Event Proposal) that is executable. The Operation Plan (15%)should include the following:

1Event Overview
  • Provide concept and theme
  • Detailed information
  • Proposed Budget
2Manpower Planning
  • Provide adequate planning
  • Breakdown of work scope
  • Efficient deployment
  • Deploy from reliable source
3Permit and Public Liability
  • Identify and explain the procedures required for the application of permit and public liabilities relevant and required for the event
4On-site Logistics
  • Bump-in and Bump-out schedule
  • Program on the run sheet
  • Publicity banner and signage plan
  • Crowd and Traffic management plan
  • Communication among team members
  • Equipment and supplies list
5Event Layout
  • Detailed Sitemap
  • Detailed Floor plan
  • Adequate and relevant (Pictures, photographs, diagrams, brochures, floor plan, etc.)

1.2 The Chairman said that there was no statistic available therefore more research should be done

2.2 The Chairman also added saying that it might be unfair for the residents of Marine Terrace if the Merchants’ Association only held the event at Marine Parade Central.

3.3 He also mentioned that to conduct music-related events, a Public Entertainment License needs to be approved.

4.3 Mr. Victor later added that although some people do know how to use Facebook, most of them would prefer a hardcopy of a brochure or poster to indicate the details of the event.

5.2 He also added that because the idea of doing a Pasar Malam was very common in other places, they did not get as much attention from the public.

6.2 He also added that when the Pasar Malam was held, some of the food sold is the same as the stall. For example, the food sold was banana fritters which caused an uproar with the stalls that were selling banana fritters.

7.2 She also added that to fix this problem, doing a hybrid event might help for the group of people that are unfamiliar with virtual events.

8.4 Later on, the Chairperson commented the vouchers given are only applicable for the lower-income families.

9.8 Mdm Susan answered that the Merchants’ Association would collect the vouchers and give them to the stall owners.

10.4 She also asked the students what are some things that might attract them to come down to a hawker center, for example, is it the ambiance, pricing, etc.Ms. Nair explained that the meeting intended to understand the need to create a pitch proposal by the ideas of 35 students.

11.3 The Merchants Association can then pick and choose their favorite ideas, combine or adjust and the event will be executed by students of ITE next year. Mdm A asked if the event is a one-day thing or will be an ongoing event.

12.4 She added that the event could either be fully virtual or half physical, half virtual. Mr. Victor asked if the event will be held at both Marine Terrace and Marine Parade Central

13.2 Ms. Nair replied if the Merchant’s Association wants the event to be located at both locations then she will have to plan accordingly. Mdm A asked for assurance if virtual events are through the phone and internet.

14.4 Mr. Victor agreed with Ms. Nair’s explanation Main Objective Ms. Nair explained that the main objective is to attract people to the area and the students will be involved by planning an event according to the Merchant’s Association’s likings.

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