S2769C: Mr. Sam Tan , a 70-year-old Chinese male, retired cleaner and currently unemployed: Health Promotion and Communication Case Study, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S2769C: Health Promotion and Communication

Case-Based Scenario on Health Promotion and Communication

Case Study: Mr. Sam Tan

Mr. Sam Tan , a 70-year-old Chinese male, retired cleaner and currently unemployed.

He is obese and has several health and social issues. He has indicated having difficulties walking, headaches and shortness of breath. The doctor has previously diagnosed him with hypertension and diabetes. He has stopped taking all his medication.

He lives alone in a one-room rental flat with no family members.He is socially isolated and does not talk to anyone including his neighbour. He had quit smoking and alcohol about 25 years ago. Mr. Tan is concerned about his financial issues and currently he is feeling depressed about his ailing health.


You are a Health Coach at a Senior Activity Centre (SAC). Mr Sam Tan has been referred to you for health coaching. Using the “Programme Planning” Model, you are tasked to manage the biopsychosocial issues of Mr. Sam Tan’s. The programme plan should be between 1500 to 1800 words. Your programme plan should include the following areas of focus.

Section Area of Focus

1 Determinants of Health (DoH)

Using the Determinants of Health in Social Ecological Model, identify and explain THREE of the most relevant determinants in relation to Mr. Sam Tan’s scenario.

2 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Based on the scenario above, discuss the biopsychosocial needs of Mr Sam Tan using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. [15 marks]

3 “Programme Planning” model

As a Health Coach, you are assigned to develop a programme for Mr. Sam Tan. Utilising the “Programme Planning “stages model, plan a programme to assist Mr. Sam Tan to better manage his biopsychosocial needs

A. Produce the programme planning model

B. Discuss 5 factors to be considered in the pre planning stage

C. Identify 5 care goals for Mr Sam Tan

D. Design and discuss how you would implement the care plan based on the goals identified in part (C)

E. In addition to designing the care plan, using the “Dimensions of Wellness” theory, identify and explain THREE dimensions of wellness on how the SAC can help Mr. Sam Tan achieve his goals identified in part (C)

F. Identify process and outcome indicators to evaluate the success of the programme based on the care goals identified in part C for Mr. Sam Tan

G. Describe how you would market the care plan in part (D) to Mr Sam Tan

4 Communication Techniques

Identify TWO forms of communication materials (e.g., journals, website, link) on social isolation and explain its impact of reducing isolation for Mr. Sam Tan.

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