S2059C: Discuss How the Assigned Topics from Either Group A OR Group B Below are Relevant to Your case Study: Sports Sociology and Inclusive Physical ActivityCase Study, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S2059C: Sports Sociology and Inclusive Physical Activity

You are to search for ONE suitable case study and discuss how the assigned topics from either Group A OR Group B below are relevant to your case study. Link ALL the following topics in either Group A OR Group B to your case study:

Group A • Race and Ethnicity in Sport • Violence in Sport • Deviance in Sport

Group B • Social Class and Sport • Gender and Sport • Commercialization and Media in Sport You may wish to consider some of the following points below:

• Provide references as justifications to support your statements.

• Use the relevant lecture slides to help you analyze and link your topics together.

• List the key issues.

• Elaborate on the key issues and cite examples from the source.

• Link issues to the broader implications in society.

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