S1609C: Propose a 1-day Program for a Sporting Activity of your Choice for a Nursing Home: Effective Communication for Sports Professionals Coursework, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S1609C: Effective Communication for Sports Professionals


Propose a 1-day program for a sporting activity of your choice for a nursing home, senior activity center or senior care center. Your proposal should use the “Fit & Fun  Adaptive Sports Toolkit” designed by the philanthropic arm of Sport Singapore and can follow the four ‘P’s structure covered in Lesson 5 on proposal writing.

Also, your proposed program should meet the Sport Singapore objectives as well as program criteria documented online at:

SECTION B: Slide Presentation

Prepare a five-minute slide deck to present your ideas visually (with your slides) and verbally using effective communication techniques (during your presentation).

There will be a hard stop at 5 minutes, so plan and rehearse your presentation. All references have to be cited on the last presentation slide.

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