PSB365CL: adoption of CSR initiatives amongst companies in the hospitality industry: International Hospitality Operations Management Coursework, JCU, Singapore

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University James Cook University (JCU)
Subject PSB365CL: International Hospitality Operations Management

The Question

In light of changing societal and business trends, hospitality companies like the accommodation sector have been seen adopting and embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Many hotels and resorts, for example, have been doing things from beach clean-ups, to purchasing from suppliers who do not produce environmental harm in their products, to responsible sourcing, etc.

Produce a 2, 000-word essay, arguing for the adoption of CSR initiatives amongst companies in the hospitality industry.

Specifically looking at environmental and socio-cultural impacts, present an argument that states why CSR initiatives are both important to the business and also to the environment and local communities.

  • Discuss how CSR initiatives have changed over the last two decades or so, and how companies should capitalize on the new trends.
  • In your argument, explain also how political and regulatory forces may present themselves as possible obstacles to CSR projects.
  • How the adoption of CSR practices helps the accommodation sector in managing different types of crises.

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