Oscar Cunningham has conducted extensive research to support this Golf Course development proposal: data analysis and decision modelling Assignment, Singapore

University data analysis and decision modelling
Subject data analysis and decision modelling Assignment

The Scenario – Golf Course Requirement

Oscar Cunningham has conducted extensive research to support this Golf Course development proposal. He consulted with designers and managers of golf courses across the world to determine the key criteria required for golf course design and how this translated into attracting golfers into a successful golf resort.

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Oscar’s investigations highlighted that one of the main indicators to attract golfers nationally and internationally is the golf course enjoyment index. The enjoyment index is a measure of a golfer’s enjoyment and satisfaction with the golf course design, the difficulty of the holes on the course and the facilities provided.

A recent international survey on golfers and golf course design has revealed the following enjoyment indices associated with the estimated cost of building these par holes.

data analysis and decision modelling

A golfing hole is a section of a golf course. Each hole comprises an area called the tee from which golfers start each hole. Golfers strike the ball from the tee and are aiming to move the ball towards a cup at the other end of the hole. The cup is located somewhere on a green, a small area of grass cut short. In between the tee and the green is called the fairway.

Golfers aim to keep the ball on the fairway (it is not much fun trying to hit the ball in the trees or lakes on the edge of the fairway). Each strike of the ball is called a stroke. The objective of the game is for the golfer to use as few strokes as possible to get the ball into the cup.

The par of a hole is the number of strokes a golfer should use to move the ball from the tee to the cup. Golf courses usually have par three, four and five holes. A par three hole will require a three par to move the ball to the cup. Similarly, four and five par with require four par and five par respectively. Par three hole is usually shorter than a par four hole. In addition, par four and five holes can have doglegs. A dogleg is a bend in the fairway roughly half way along the hole.

Dogleg holes are holes that are built around an obstruction on the land like trees, bushes and lakes. Doglegs add variety and difficulty to the golfing experience, and most courses usually have one or two. Each hole will take up an area depending upon its length (indicated by par), presence of a dogleg and
other factors.

The Cunningham Gudgal Golf Resort will be an international standard 18-hole golf course. Based on the International golf course standard, the new golf course must also meet the following requirements. The course should have at least:

a) One straight par 5,
b) One dogleg par 5,
c) Two straight par 4,
d) Two dogleg par 4,
e) One long par 3, and
f) One short par 3.
g) The course should have no more than 4 par 5’s.
h) The course should have no more than 14 par 4’s.
i) The course should have no more than 4 par 3’s.
j) The total par must be between 70 and 72.
k) The total number of holes must be exactly 18.
l) The total acreage must be between 36 and 42 hectares

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