Using the website,, to compare Singapore and Australia.

1.) Discuss the culture difference Singapore (SG) and Australia (AUS)

2.) Compare how culture influence the power (AUS & SG)

3.) How managers use the power to manage/facilitate change effectively (AUS & SG)

4.) Do not need to discuss about *Indulgence*

6.) Thing to include. *Power Distance, Individualism, masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance and long term orientation.*

7.) Difference between 2 cultural

8.) Discuss 5 bases of power. *Position Power* – Coercive Power, Reward Power, Legitimate Power. *Personal Power* – Referent Power and Expert Power.

9.) Ignore *Informational power*

10.) Diagnose and discuss the culture then see how the power play.

11.) How does this two counties use power to facilitate change?

12.) No need to find an organisation

13.) No need to define the different power just assume the marker know.

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