The Singapore Government has increased a higher casino tax of up to 22 per cent of the gross gaming revenue. Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents (PRs) will also have to pay 50 per cent more to enter the casinos. The daily levy for Singaporeans and PRs will increase to $150 from $100 previously, while the annual levy will rise to $3,000 from $2,000. The changes will also require both the Marina Bay Sands and the Resort World Sentosa integrated resorts (IRs) to invest more than $9 billion into building new world-class attractions.

Based on the current investment requirements, both integrated resort operators will be given the green light to expand their casino operations, and exclusive rights to have their casino license renewed until the end of 2030. Given the higher levies and upcoming gaming taxes, the possibility of a decreased number of gaming visitors is expected and thereby affect the bottom-line.


The management of one of the IRsis interested in conducting a research study amongst gaming visitors to identify the dimensions of service quality and examining the interrelationships among behavioral intentions, customer satisfaction, perceived value, corporate image and service quality in the gaming industry that will enable them to make a marketing decision for improvements.

Provide justifications on adopting either qualitative or quantitative research to understand consumer needs by comparing and contrasting the applications and limitations of both approaches. Your answer should include examples of business situations of both qualitative and quantitative approach. (~1000words)

Given the benefits of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, management has tasked you to design a 2-stage research study to examine how consumers go about evaluating products by 1) A Focus Group Study and 2) A Questionnaire Survey. The results obtained will be submitted as a report to uncover the factors that will improve service quality provided by the IR.

  • Focus Group Study – As a facilitator of the focus group, explain how you would go about planning and conducting the focus group. The factors identified during the focus group will be used to develop the questionnaire for the next phase. You are expected to provide a maximum of ten themes from the focus group discussion.
  • Questionnaire Survey – In the second stage, propose how you would go about selecting respondents for your study to provide a debate on the benefits of using probability and non-probability sampling.

The IR operates an online site and customers are free to browse for latest product availability and reservation bookings but will be required to register to receive updates. New members of the IR are given privileges when they sign up for annual memberships.

Provide suggestions as to how the company could make use of this information.  Your answer should include limitations for using this information for decision making. (~400words)

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Develop and design research to address a given business scenario.
  2. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
  3. Explain the differences between probability and non-probability sampling.
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