Many Firms Target the Lead Users or Innovators with their New Products : Marketing Principles Assignment, TP, Singapore

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University Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
Subject Marketing Principles

Question 1: Many firms target the lead users or innovators with their new products, assuming that their adoption will trickle down to influence the broader market. Others disagree with this approach and contend that the most efficient and quickest route is to target the broader or even mass-market directly. If Allbirds were to enter the Singapore footwear market which one of the two above approaches would you recommend? Why?

Question 2: Develop a segmentation table for the sustainable footwear market in Singapore. Provide a rationale for the chosen variables.

Question 3: Considering your answer to question 2, which particular segment would you recommend for Allbirds’ ecofriendly sneakers in Singapore? Why? Evaluate this segment using the criteria for selecting target markets covered in this course.

Question 4: Draw a positioning map for Allbirds sneakers based on the observation of its 4P’s in a market it currently operates in. Considering the segment you selected in Question 3, write a positioning statement for Allbird sneakers to clarify its positioning for the chosen segment.

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