University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Psychology

Language and the Brain: Infographic and Poster

Language allows humans to express our ideas and is believed to be an innate instinct (Pinel& Barnes, 2014). There are many brain structures and neural processes implicated in the language (reading, writing, and communication).

Illustrate your knowledge about any brain structure or the neural process involved in language and present it in an infographic (a visual representation of information that includes numbers, text, images, etc.). Your infographic should be aesthetically pleasing yet educational and scientific in nature such that anyone who reads your infographic can learn three new things about the chosen brain structure or neural process.

Accompanying your infographic, provide a short write-up of 200 words to examine the importance of this brain structure or neural process in language, with one example of how it is specifically used in the language in daily life. Please support your answers with at least. Both your infographic and write-up should fit neatly into.

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Additional Notes:

  • Your choice of brain structure or neural process does not need to be confined to the traditional language regions of Wernicke’s and Broca’s areas. Be creative in your choice of brain structure or neural process!
  • You can design your infographic on any medium you desire, such as PowerPoint or Adobe.
  • Please save your infographic image as a jpeg/png file and insert it into a Word document
  • Your infographic will be graded on:
  • Attractiveness
  • Requirements
  • Content
  • Organisation
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