identify key aspects of a publicly traded company related to Governance, Risk & Compliance: Compliance and Risk Management Report, NUS, Singapore

University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Compliance and Risk Management


This individual assignment aims to provide the learner with the knowledge of applying GRC principles to:

  • identify key aspects of a publicly traded company related to Governance, Risk & Compliance.
  • identify and explain how the company manages its operations with respect to Governance, Risk & Compliance.


Publicly traded companies are organizations that are listed on the stock exchange, whose shares are ‘publicly traded’. This means that members of the public can purchase shares of these companies. When these companies prosper, its shareholders can reap benefits or rewards for investing in that company.

However, with such arrangements, it is important that the companies are well-managed, and its leadership strive to identify and achieve its stated organizational objectives. This is usually done through adherence to Governance principles, management of risk and compliance with relevant regulations and requirements.


Step 1:

Search and identify a publicly traded company (either in Singapore or overseas) on which to study on. Ensure that you can access its latest Annual Report (at least either 2020 or 2019). These companies are usually (at least in Singapore) required to produce an Annual Report every year. With the Internet, many of these companies have switched to publishing their annual reports as PDF and have made them available online. Make sure you can access a copy of the annual report, for that is required for you to do this assignment

Step 2:

Read the annual report and understand various aspects of the company, especially those that pertain to the issues we discussed in the course, including those regarding governance, risk management and compliance. You may also refer to external sources for more information should you come across an item of interest through search engines.

Step 3:

Write a report on the relevance of GRC for the organization that you have researched on. The report can be organized based on the following key points:


  • What are the governance elements in the organization that you can identify?
  • How is governance helping the organization?
  • Any evidence that what they are doing is mandated by regulations?


  • What is the evidence of risk management that you see in the organization?
  • What are some of the risks that the organization is actively monitoring?
  • What are their mitigations or response to these risks?


  • Outline the various compliance issues faced by the organization.
  • What are the regulations that are required to be complied to by the organization?

You can use the sections outlined above to organize your report but use the questions as a guide. You may include other points related to GRC if you discover any that are outside of the guiding questions.

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