HR9509: As member of a research group, you have been asked to choose a country and critically assess relevant issues: Global, Comparative and Cross-Cultural HRM Assignment, NU, Singapore

University Northumbria University (NU)
Subject HR9509: Comparative and Cross-Cultural HRM Assignment

Assignment Task

As member of a research group, you have been asked to choose a country and critically assess relevant issues about one of the three suitable focuses relevant to this module objectives, namely, topics of concern to international HRM, comparative management, and Cross-cultural study in the context of global business and management.

Individually, you are expected to write an assignment report of 3000 words (with +/- 10% variation), detailing on your own understanding and insights in ONE such area, namely:

either the HRM system characterising this particular country of your choice, or, MNCs HRM practices in this country for business operations or, cultural practices from this country that are of HR significance in a wider context and relate the discussion on this country of choice to other relevant literature

You can base your report on your own group research findings, or to benefit from the presentations of the other two groups, depending on your personal interests. Either way, you need to clearly define the focus, supported by both theoretical and practical evidences in this regard

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