Elaborate on how Johnny may benefit from the psychotherapeutic interventions. As the attending therapist: Counselling Essay, JCU, Singapore

University James Cook University (JCU)
Subject Counselling

Johnny came to therapy because of experiencing stress at his workplace. He was often on sick leave over the last several months and this is affecting his performance at work. Close to losing his job, he decided to seek counseling intervention. He remembers that as a young child, he was affected by traumatic situations at kindergarten and later in elementary school. He had survived his childhood years by forgetting how frightening and lonely the situation was, while secretly hoping that he would be sick so that he could skip school.


Elaborate on how Johnny may benefit from the psychotherapeutic interventions. As the attending therapist, recommend a model of intervention, and how he may also benefit from other modalities in order to overcome some of the limitations of the chosen model. You can assume that you are a trained psychotherapist and engaged to support Johnny.

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