EG2401A: Engineer B Shall Agree to Undertake the Project as long as Engineer A does Not Complain: Engineering Professionalism Essay, NUS, Singapore

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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject EG2401A: Engineering Professionalism

b. Engineer B shall agree to undertake the project as long as Engineer A does not complain.
(c) Engineer B shall agree to undertake the project as Engineer A does not know.
(d) Engineer B shall agree to undertake the project as he is employed by the Developer.

Question 1

Engineer A, on behalf of the engineering firm of which he is a principal, submitted a statement of qualifications to a developer for a megaproject.

In due course, he was notified that his firm was on the “shortlist” for consideration along with several other firms, but it was indicated to him that his firm did not appear to have qualifications in some specialised aspects of the requirements and that it might be advisable for the firm to consider a joint venture with another firm with such capabilities.

Engineer A thereupon contacted Engineer B, a principal of a firm with the background required for the specialised requirements, and inquired if Engineer B’s firm would be interested in a joint venture if Engineer A was awarded the job. Engineer B’s firm responded in the affirmative.

Thereafter, Engineer C, a principal in a firm that was also on the “shortlist,” contacted Engineer B and indicated the same requirement for a joint venture for specialised services, and also asked if B’s firm would be willing to engage in a joint venture if the C’s firm was selected for the assignment. Engineer B also responded in the affirmative to Engineer C but did not notify Engineer A of his response to Engineer C.

Is it ethical for Engineer B to agree to participate in a joint venture arrangement with more than one of the several since he did not make full disclosure to all of the firms?

Discuss the issues and comment on Engineer B‘s conduct with reference to relevant sections of the Professional Conduct and Ethics rules where applicable.

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