BUS226: Selecting the best candidate from a pool of potential applicants is often challenging and requires objectivity, patience: Talent Acquisition Assignment, KU, Singapore

University Kaplan University (KU)
Subject BUS226: Talent Acquisition

Executive Summary


Selecting the best candidate from a pool of potential applicants is often challenging and requires objectivity, patience, and a strong understanding of suitable methods to best suit the context. In this task, students are required to identify and design the most appropriate selection methods to successfully fill a current role.

Assessment Brief: Using the ‘high standard’ job ad found for Assessment 2, students should develop a process for selection, using interviews and at least one other method.

You are required to:

Students will produce a 2000 word (+/- 10%) (Cover page, Table of content, reference list and appendices NOT included in the word count) report that identifies the most appropriate tools (discuss the most useful selection tools for this job, could be 4 or 5 or more tools!) to select a successful applicant for the nominated job (the good job from Ass 2). From the tools discussed above, students should then select and discuss in detail only two (2) of these tools, with one (1) being an interview.  Use theory and evidence pertaining to interviews and another tool to argue why and how you would use these.

For example, for an initial interview, (using evidence/research to determine best practice and argue why) consider:

  • who would conduct (Company role? Would it be an individual or panel? Who would the panel comprise?)
  • how many candidates to be interviewed?
  • length of interview
  • questions (type, quantity)
  • how are candidates prepared/what information are they given?
  • How are they assessed?
  • What is undertaken to ensure the interviews are reliable, replicable, authentic, and fair.

Include a copy of the interview schedule as an appendix

Students should identify the various options available to select an appropriate candidate and develop a deeper understanding of the principles of conducting an interview as well as other selection tools.

Students will submit the report, in word format via LMS. Students must include both advertisements and interview schedules as appendices pasted to the report (submit one document only).

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